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Outfront Media Quickly Quells Disturbing Billboard Image

How Long can Groping go on, on a Billboard?

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Bulletin for “The Greatest Showman” image credit TMZ.com

Los Angeles is considered, sorry NYC, the Outdoor Advertising Granddaddy of the Industry. 

Out of Home (OOH) locations in some areas of LA, are iconic by virtue of outstanding creative.  Month after month, year upon year, the best Outdoor Advertising images known to the Industry are typically rotated in and out of large bulletin addresses.  Creative and consequently, the term ‘locations’, are changed often, leading the pace for media, fashion and cinema.

LA Outdoor Advertising, often considered art, legal street art if you will, boasts one of the greatest OOH venues, namely Sunset Boulevard, ⇐(click at your own risk-this link will show you hundreds of great OOH creative) as a showcase displaying the best of Outdoor Advertising year after year..

OOH in LA has its detractors or perhaps better recognized as fanatics, who are willing to risk injury climbing and legal prosecution if ever identified, working the streets of LA and pirating the omnipresent billboards and street furniture.

Al Franken unauthorized addition to “The Greatest Showman” billboard. photo credit UNSAVORYAGENT.COM

Here is a timely example. The billboard for the movie, ‘The Greatest Showman’, pictured above and located off of what is considered the busiest, most congested freeway in America, Interstate 405, was initially installed without former Senator Al Franken’s image.(top above) But sometime soon after initial Franken free installation, self-described UNSAVORYAGENT, Street Artist Sabo took a very recognizable image of Franken, built an extension of sorts and added it to the billboard, leaving the ‘creepy effect’. See photo immediately above. This was not a client authorized change.

This was not a client authorized change.

Outfront Media, owner of the space, quickly to the rescue, removed the villainous image within hours, curtailing another potential scandal, at (dare we say it?) the hands of former Senator Franken.

Street Artist Sabo, claims ownership for the pirated display.  See the photo below from his Twitter.

photo credit UNSAVORYAGENT.COM and TMZ

click for More on the story with Hollywood Reporter   

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