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OOH Word on the Street Today

Intersection and Firefly

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OOH Word on the Street Today

Intersection and Firefly —Less and Clips


In what reminds us of 2001 when the ‘dot coms’ started crashing and terminating staff, the coronavirus meltdown is beginning to take effect on staffing.  Not surprising, as was the case in the dot com days, the companies who were struggling or shall we say not flourishing, when everyone else around them were enjoying robust revenues, those were the companies who made the first employee cuts and unfortunately experienced even darker days. There was no magic pill for success. There is none for today either.

Even if we were to find a solution to the coronavirus pandemic tomorrow, the fact that companies who were not by now enjoying robust sales, it is a relatively strong indicator of future outcome. The COVID-19 economy merely accelerates the time line. 

 We sure don’t like reporting this kind of information. Tough times are on us. We wish everyone, companies and recently ‘furloughed’ employees, well. 


Intersection Less in the Envelope

Daily DOOH reported today thatIntersection employees were told this week for the majority of them, from April through to June at least, that their base salaries would be reduced by 20%.”   

As OOH Today reported earlier this month, The NYC Press is Suggesting LinkNYC is in Trouble —’tens of millions of dollars’, claiming they are behind in shared revenue payments owed the City as well as display build outs of the LinkNYC per agreement.  In our dozen trips to NYC the last 3 years, our observations were the LinkNYC units have not sold very well with occupancy clearly down. 

Click to the post from Daily DOOH by Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief  for the full story on Intersection⇒ The Sh*t Hits the Fan @Intersection_co


Firefly Clipping Its Wings

We have received word yesterday Firefly has ‘let go’ half of their staff.  We sure thought they were better positioned than most with the reported investors and partnerships taken up in the recent months.  






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