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Nothing but Questions

We all have questions and we are all searching for answers.

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Nothing but Questions

by Robert Arnold, President at Associated Posters, Inc (api)


The Coronavirus or Covid-19 sucks! I go to bed at night with questions. I wake up every morning with questions. During the day all I do is answer, wait for it, more questions. Some are easy but some keep me up. Some I ask myself and some are asked of me. Am I going insane or just a normal business owner dealing with an abnormal chain of events?

The first question is always my employees. If I close, where does that leave my employees?  What will they do? Do they have enough money in the bank to survive weeks and maybe months with no income? Will they find another employer who is not closed just to make ends meet? Will they come back? Will the government’s plan take care of them? If they don’t have this job to come to everyday, will they treat it like a vacation and get infected while partying with spring breakers in Florida?  If I stay open, where does that leave my employees? Do they have someone to watch their kids because of no school? Do they need to be home teaching their kids instead of working? Are they still socializing or are they practicing social distancing? Are they washing their hands? Will they report their symptoms or not in fear of shame or losing their job? Are they scared to call out?

What about my customers? If we stay open, we can’t work from home. Someone has to physically run the equipment. If I close, do my customers go to another printer who did not close? Are other printers closing? Orders are still pouring in, but will it eventually dry up? If I stay open, do I run the risk of jeopardizing my employee’s health to keep my customers? Do we allow customers in the building for pickups? Do we offer concessions to help them with their business? Will their business survive? Will they understand if deadlines are not meet?

What about the business? Cash flow? If I close, how long can I afford to close? What will the government do? What will the state government do? Is my business critical enough to be exempt from lockdown? How long do I keep my sales team on the bench?

Then the big ones.  When will this get better? Or better yet, when will it quit getting worse?

I am sure I am not the only one asking questions. The purpose of this article is not to get or give answers to questions. It is to point out that we all have questions and we are all searching for answers. Some search in the media and others in their gut. Neither is right or wrong, but we should learn from both. The lessons we learn today will make us better in the future. This will pass and we will all be better for it.

Stay smart and stay safe.

Robert Arnold
President at Associated Posters, Inc.
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC Area

T: 336-723-1018


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