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OOH Today Will be Giving Away 9 Reflect Books AND

OBIE 2020 Awards Book

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We’ll be Giving Away 9 ‘Reflect Books’
by Rob Jackson and Extra Credit Projects



Reflect is a collection of 20 years of billboard tributes from Rob Jackson and Extra Credit Projects.

We loved this book so much, we ordered a small supply of them to share with our OOH Today subscribers. We have not figured out how to give them away yet.  We will have news on how later this week.

If you have suggestions on a ‘subscriber only’ equitable free give away for the 9 quantity specially signed for OOH Today Rob Jackson autographed Reflect books, please drop us a note. 

In the meantime, watch OOH Today for an announcement. If you have not subscribed yet, please do so. That is the only way you’ll receive one for free. You can also buy one from Rob and ECP (see the link below).




2020 OBIE Awards Book
We’ll also be giving away nine (9) 2020 Obie Awards books.

These are running a bit late, damn COVID, but Marci assures us they are arriving soon. When we have them in hand, we will be giving those away as well.  


a message from Movia


Extra Credit Projects

“It seems a powerful OOH creative book comes out about every 20 years. This may be the one of your generation.” — OOH Today


Introducing Reflect, a collection of 20 years of billboard tributes from Rob Jackson and Extra Credit Projects. Learn more and order today at reflectbook.org.



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  1. Robert Repasky says

    I think you should just send your old roommate one.

  2. Courtney says

    I think there is one easy way if you have easy access to your subscription mailing list. You could send a google form to your mailing list- it will let you export to an excel sheet all the responses. You can then use a random number generator and choose 9 from the list at random!

  3. No Fear No Favor says

    Oh I like that idea. I need to figure out the random number generator. Thank you for the idea Courtney!

  4. No Fear No Favor says

    I will send you my copy.

  5. Jennifer Sloane says

    I think you should ask for people to tell their best OOH story and you pick 9 winners! It will be entertaining!

  6. No Fear No Favor says

    You can always tell your best OOH story and we’ll share it

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