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OOH Revenue Growth —Creates Measurement Demand

Kym Frank —Growth is Largest in 85 years

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Change in Ad Revenues for Media Formats—OOH’s Up



Kym Frank

Kym Frank shared a call with us on the future of OOH advertising and how the traditional medium has continued to leverage big data and analytics to their advantage. Ms Frank, is CEO of Geopath, a not-for-profit organization and industry standard which uses audience location data and media research to analyze out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

She cited a recent Magna study which shows the only growing non-digital ad medium forecasted for growth in 2019 is out-of-home (#OOH) advertising. This includes billboards, subway posters, beach airplane ads, yes beach airplane ads, and more.


According to Ms. Frank, “the demand for independent, audited and transparent OOH measurement data and statistics has significantly increased.”  

“While digital remains to be challenged with ad blocking and streaming services continue to provoke cord cutting, OOH advertising remains to be the lone medium which cannot be blocked, turned off or unsubscribed to.”

“Our growth this year is the largest in our 85-year history…”

“Our growth this year is the largest in our 85-year history and is an indication of the appetite for more detailed, insightful analytics and planning tools for OOH,” says Frank. “Increased measurement and the integration of data and media research is providing our members, advertisers and agencies, with an efficient way to utilize OOH advertising in both broad and niche markets.”

Pick up the phone and speak with Kym Frank (212-972-8075) on the future of OOH advertising, how the traditional medium has continued to leverage big data and analytics to a clear advantage and how Geopath can help you.

Data: MAGNA ad forecast; Chart: Naema Ahmed/Axios





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  1. Todd Hansen says

    Is the 2.4 % growth mostly from the Digital Outdoor Space , the article says that OOH is the only medium with growth that is non – digital .

    We put to much credit on data and media research . What is the growth of bulletins and posters .

    also i cant believe over 85 years that the OOH industry has not grown more than 2.4 in a year .

  2. Bill Board says

    Good questions Todd Hansen. We’ll find answers. I am not aware of anyone publicly breaking out the static bulletin and poster growth or occupancy.

    FYI, the 85 years I believe references the growth of Geopath’s membership increase. Thank you for your comments

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