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OOH Podcast Today 35 —The OOH Agency Perspective —Re inventing OOH sales

Todd Hansen, Jack Sullivan, Jeff Joaquin, Irina Zeltser

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Welcome to OOH Today’s Podcast The Board Room

There are a many billboard podcasts out there, only The Board Room brings expert based discussion of real issues and offering real solutions to the
Outdoor Advertising Industry


OOH Podcast Today 35 —
The OOH Agency Perspective


Irina Zeltser, Todd HansenJack Sullivan, Jeff Joaquin








The issues

  1. How do you verify locations faces installed?
  2. Does the OOH Industry need to re-invent how they sell their inventory? How agencies  make money   
  3.  Many are optimistic the OOH industry will escape the recession sooner than later. Some optimistically predicting recovery will be greater than pre corona, this fall. Others not so optimistic, suggesting full recovery will not occur before 2nd Q of 2021. This has been a question we have taken on in our last several podcasts.
  4.  The economy and world events have been so fluid, has your outlook changed?
  5.  What is your forecast?

Fill in the blanks
OOH Rates, Race, Change, Collaboration and Recovery

Podcast #35 –69 min. The extended version. Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen

The Board Room features 4 EXPERIENCED Out of Home professionals who take center stage in debate. If you want candy coated comments, delete and move on. 
In today’s podcast, listen to the Board of Directors discuss for the next 60 minutes. Grab a glass, put on the head phones and listen to the debate only OOH Today’s Board Room delivers.


The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:

Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Consultant, email: jsulli2703@gmail.com
Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President. Marquee Media
Irina Zeltser, President, Talon Outdoor

Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

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The Board Room’ is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered/unscripted podcast offering deeper insights of the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of experienced #OOH professionals discuss everything in the OOH space… agencies, buyers/sellers, creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.


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