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OOH Needs More of This

—The Magic behind Times Square's iconic Billboards

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We need more of this—
The Magic behind Times Square’s iconic Billboards

CBS Mornings examines the magic behind Times Square’s iconic billboards, and Gayle King launches a new one from the famous TKTS Steps. Plus, Gayle gets a special visit from Drew Barrymore to take a look at Times Square from new heights. Air Date: Sep 7, 2021

CBS Mornings showcases #timessquare billboards with Drew Barrymore. That is the title but it is really not important to us OOH people that Barrymore is present. What is important on a personal level is the story’s history and insights the nearly 8 minute video shares. You will love it. 

Take the time to watch the video from CBS Mornings. Click this link—  The Magic behind Times Square’s iconic Billboards 

From the ten thousand foot perspective, this is great PR for for the OOH Industry! We need more of this public relations effort. I am not sure at this writing, who was responsible for making the Times Square billboards story happen. I just know the Out of Home needs more of this. More on Times Square. More on Vegas Strip. More on Sunset Strip. More on the Minneapolis Mayo Clinic Square. The list goes on of areas which should be featured.  Did I say we need more of this? 

Kudos to Tom Harris, President of the Times Square Alliance and Jared Gramstrup, EVP at Sherwood Outdoor for representing the OOH very professionally! Thanks to the OAAA’s Ken Klein for bringing this story to my attention.

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