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to become the largest elevator screen network in North America

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Vertical City and Vertical Impression Bring Property Communications and Advertising Solutions to the U.S.

Vertical City and its advertising brand Vertical Impression, are excited to announce their expansion into the United States, bringing their cutting-edge communication solutions to advertisers and property managers on both sides of the border. With screens in 130+ cities, Vertical City now delivers a unique platform that connects elevator riders with advertisers continent-wide.

“Our goal is to become the largest elevator screen network in North America within the next three years. We do this by committing to relentless innovation, advancing our software, and creating value for all our partners” said Fouad El-Masri CEO and Co-Founder at Vertical City.

In recent years, Vertical City and Vertical Impression have gained widespread recognition as prominent figures in the Property Communication & Digital Out of Home industries. As Canada’s largest residential elevator screen network, Vertical City delivers solutions for property managers, residents, and advertisers. Building upon this success, the company is embarking on an ambitious growth strategy in the U.S. which puts it on track to double its overall network in a single year.

“We are excited to bring our elevator advertising solutions to hundreds of markets across the U.S. that have previously been unreachable. Advertisers will have access to an impactful network that expands the DOOH landscape, with a wide range of venues and audiences. We are taking what brands love about DOOH advertising to the next level.” said Nicolette Leonardis President and Co-Founder at Vertical Impression.

In addition to the unique Vertical Impression residential network, the expansion into the US introduces new building types, including commercial, hotel, entertainment, hospital, government, and university properties. This expanded portfolio opens up creative new avenues for advertisers to connect with elevator riders throughout their daily journeys.

To facilitate easy advertising campaign launches, Vertical Impression has partnered with major programmatic partners Vistar, Hivestack, Place Exchange, and Broadsign. Through collaboration with Vistar’s innovative Mediation platform, Vertical Impression is able to deliver seamless solutions to advertisers.

Vertical Impression is excited to embark on this new chapter, bringing our innovative advertising solutions to the U.S. market. With our expanded network and strategic partnerships, we’re poised to revolutionize the way advertisers connect with audiences across North America. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push boundaries and deliver exceptional results in the world of elevator advertising.

About Vertical Impression:
Vertical Impression is a leading elevator communications platform that delivers innovative advertising solutions to Canadian and US brands. With a network of thousands of elevator screens in cities across North America; Vertical Impression enables advertisers to access highly engaged audiences, unique venues, and creative insights that achieve exceptional business results

About Vertical City:
Vertical City is a leading software platform that supports property managers in effectively communicating with residents, delivering entertaining and useful content to elevator riders, and growing our network with the best properties. Our innovative software enables seamless property communication to enhance resident/tenant satisfaction; creating a dynamic and engaging experience for riders; while providing valuable advertising opportunities. We are committed to transforming the elevator advertising landscape and revolutionizing the way people connect in vertical spaces.

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