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OOH Last Week Today —The battle to get in your pants!— MeUndies, The Laughing Cow, Goat Sex, Cazoo, Sausage and Picard

Keep Your Children From This Screen

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Sacramento commuters wake up to this daily message this week.
Marquee Media says, “Stay tuned for more fun messages leading up to the BIG game.”

NFC Champions #SanFrancisco49ers, SuperBowl, #DOOH



Best OOH Creative
 Top #OOH Creative Executions which came to our attention last week

Send your #OOHCreative for next week’s post:



Super Bowl rolls into SF and OUTFRONT Media on FOX


One more round of the fireworks
KC Chiefs Outfront Media

a message from Wrapify


 Impressive fact from #OOH billboard printer API


Only McDonald’s has the sausage to pull this off.
Hold the photo and the logo.   Leo Burnett


The meatless billboard.
You want fries with that?



The battle to get in your pants!
MeUndies on Insite Street Media

#Matchme campaign from MeUndies for Valentines Day

 “True Love is wearing Matching Undies!” 


Coming from the bench. OOH’s 6th Man— Me Undies You Undies


More Bryant Memorials / Steel City Billboards

newspaper box SF Clear Channel remembering Kobe


Clear Channel Outdoor Boston for Hilliards Chocolates. For the love of Valentine’s day


Promoting Cashmere! or Making sweaters
Naadam’s Goat Sex.  New meaning to GOAT?


Promoting Cashmere!
Not sure if I am ever going to get comfortable with this


Beware of animals rearing up on its hind legs.  Unicorn made entirely from Legos in LA

Outfront Media and JCDecuax bus shelter for Lego Masters TV show.



A new way to buy a used car CazooUK on The Cromination
Goodstuffers TalonOOH Clear Channel Outdoor #OOH


It’s Better to Laugh
An example of how to leverage the power of iconic legacy branding to feel fresh, fun and modern with the canvas of Digital Out-of-Home. This attention-grabbing campaign for The Laughing Cow is currently running in Toronto and Vancouver. Pattison Outdoor


On the Tube. In the Tube
Amazon rebrand Piccadilly Circus tube for Star Trek launch. Global

Amazon Prime Video have teamed up with TFL to rebrand London’s Piccadilly Circus tube station to celebrate the release of Star Trek Picard.
For two days only (15-16 January), the station carried rebadged signage ‘Picardilly Circus’, and special announcements by Patrick Stewart will play over the PA system.
Via: Famous Campaigns



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