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OOH Back to Basics —Two Exact Campaigns. One East. The Other West. Why One Looks Better Than the Other

Bud Light Flavors

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East Coast OOH Owner

Bluer Sky —Deeper Yellow —Stronger Orange —Richer Green

Two Exact Campaigns. One Looks Better than the Other  —Why?

Sizing up two exact Bud Light campaigns, one looks better than the other. Why is that?  It is the same advertiser. The same art. What gives?  Compare the two photos below.  Same copy. Probably the same printer. Yet in the first photo, color looks richer than the other, despite the fact the camera was not as close and did not zoom. How does that happen?

In Outdoor Advertising, photos make a difference.  It ‘replays’ your client’s message. It becomes real. It records the campaign for an eternity on the web and for weeks and months with your client or longer if you enlarge the photo and frame it for presentation to them. Photos count. The quality of the photo is paramount. Quality photos count for greater customer satisfaction and more business.  There are many reasons why campaigns are renewed. One is because the brand likes the way they look. Are you amplifying your photo opportunities?  Would you like more on taking good OOH photos?  Link⇒ Do Your Photo Sheet Suck? 13 Rules for Expert Effective OOH Photographs.   

To the example. 

Any one know why the Marquee Media photo’s color looks richer?  We do.
Comment or send us note— ‘WHY?’ in the subject line and email to— Billboard@OOHToday.com


Why, When You Say BUD 

A great example of CAPTIVATING consumer’s attention with fun creative using 3 of Sacramento’s most recognized Billboards launching new Bud Light flavors to a thirsty consumer on a 100 degree summer day! Well done Bud Light and Posterscope on a great strategy! Marquee Media

Intenser blue. Lavisher green. Opulent orange, Brilliant yellow. Marquee Media knows

Real Lemon Peels. Real Tea Leaves. Real Orange Peels. Real Lime Peels. Bud Light uses
3 burma-shave style billboards in their strategy to recapture market share from craft beer and Mexican imports. Brendan Whitworth, the head of sales for U.S. arm Anheuser-Busch, told Reuters, the company would retain its big, national campaigns but also push ahead with its new strategy of tailoring brand marketing to individual American cities. – CNBC Feb 1 2019   OUTFRONT Media Photo: PHILADELPHIA – NOEMI ARMSTRONG





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  1. Don says

    White on orange, yellow or green is bad. Unless, the artist puts a thin – non-visible to viewer – line around lettering. For some reason the white letters would then be easier to read.

  2. Bill Board says

    We are unaware if any thing was done with that regard. Thank you for sharing Don.

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