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OOH Back to Basics —Get The Client in the Car or in This Case, in the Airport

Clear Channel Airport's Eric Selby Knows

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the GDIT team at Dulles Airport

OOH Back to Basics—Get The Client in the Car 

There is nothing more effective, besides a great ROI, than putting the client in a car and riding their Outdoor Advertising. Whether it’s walking through the subway to view or in the example shown, escorting the entire brand team through security in the airport to view their ad. 


Eric Selby

Eric Selby, Director of Airport Advertising & General Manager at Clear Channel Airports 

“A great moment while touring Dulles yesterday with the GDIT team when the client gets to take a selfie with herself. 🙂 Thank you to GDIT for an amazing campaign in Denver as well as both Washington Dulles and National Airports!”



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  1. Patsy says

    Great idea and simple effort! Larger [tech] companies are purchasing ads in airports near their major offices for when execs come to town, they see the company displayed everywhere! GDIT, DuPont, DXC etc

  2. Bill Board says

    thank you Patsy. Actually makes it real and impressive!

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