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OOH and the IPCC —Net Zero and OOH

New York Underwater Siberia Burning

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OOH and the IPCC

by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media


Since last month’s release of the International Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 6thSixth Assessment Report, there have been widespread calls for world leaders to do something.

The report states that global temperatures have risen over 1.3°C degrees from pre-industrial levels and will increase by 1.5°C by 2030, and by 2°C by 2050 if nothing is done. CO2 levels aren’t coming down either. By 2100 we could see a rise of 4.4°C . At this point, the damage will be done.

We are already seeing the beginning stages of what is to come. New York underwater, and this summer, more of Siberia was burning than the rest of the world combined. Things are predicted to get worse if nothing is done. As OOH advertisers and global citizens, we can help change this.

Net Zero and OOH

The report emphasizes the need for a Net Zero future. Ecologi explains that between achieving Net Zero emissions and going carbon neutral, Net Zero is the more ambitious goal. It focuses on “reducing emissions in line with latest climate science and balancing remaining residual emissions through carbon removal credits.” This holistic plan means implementing a strategically phased approach. One that would tackle the issue by working to reduce, and eventually halt emissions, while also removing current emissions from the environment. The credits purchased would fund projects like carbon capture and removal from the atmosphere while also funding reforestation efforts.

Implementing Net Zero “requires all available technologies to be used to reduce baseline emissions,” meaning that businesses and agencies are expected to account for all emissions generated along their supply chain and to work to get those to zero, rather than just the ones they are directly responsible for.

A leading authority on sustainability, Bureau Veritas is encouraging businesses to embrace Net Zero strategies including switching to renewable energy sources, reducing waste, working remotely, and cutting down on employee travel.

One industry in a good position to meet this challenge is advertising, including OOH media. Historically known for its talent pool of forward, out-of-the-box thinkers and committed individuals, the ad industry is poised to use its creativity and communication abilities to push for change. Whether it’s Ad Net Zero or other strategies, the industry is committed to sustainable advertising.

The IPCC Report states that if Net Zero is achieved, we will see temperatures peak but then go down, finally stabilizing at a point where life can thrive. As Inger Andersen, the head of the United Nations Environment Program, says, “We can’t undo the mistakes of the past…But this generation of political and business leaders, this generation, conscious citizens can make things right.”

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