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Octopus Expands Into 21 New U.S. Markets

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Octopus Interactive Announces Expansion


Rideshare Media Platform Accelerates Growth 

With Expansion Into 21 New U.S. Markets


BETHESDA, Md., – Octopus Interactive, the largest network of interactive screens inside of Uber and Lyft vehicles, announced today that the company is rolling out in 21 new markets across the nation. Octopus now boasts an expansive footprint across 190 DMAs reaching 96% of US households. 

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“We’re seeing a massive recovery in rideshare demand, ad budgets and consumers’ desire to travel and socialize,” said Cherian Thomas, CEO of Octopus Interactive. “Rideshare is part of the consumer journey, and the launch of these new markets allow brands to reach the 18-49 audience in a captive setting.”

The expansion comes as the rideshare industry continues a strong recovery from the initial disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Recent projections from both Uber and Lyft have suggested that rideshare will continue to recover in 2021 and will likely play an increasing role in the transportation infrastructure of the future.


“We’re seeing additional rideshare drivers sign up for an Octopus screen as our footprint expands,” said Nicki Martinez, Driver Growth Director at Octopus Interactive. “By giving drivers an opportunity to earn extra income during the rideshare rebound, we’re happy to be part of an ecosystem where everybody wins.”



“This is a unique moment for the digital advertising industry as the landscape shifts with the depreciation of the tracking cookie at the same time as the economy revs up for a major expansion,” noted Bennett Fogel, CCO of Octopus Interactive. “Our brand partners are well positioned to take advantage of our increased reach, and we can’t wait to show more marketers what’s possible with Octopus.”

The new launched markets include :
Charlotte, NC
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA
Oklahoma City, OK
Orlando, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC
Sacramento, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
St. Louis, MO
Tampa, FL

About Octopus Interactive
Octopus Interactive is the largest rideshare media company in North America. Octopus serves riders, drivers and advertisers through our unique interactive video advertising and entertainment platform inside rideshare vehicles.

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