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Don’t Ever Underestimate the IMPACT: because Nothing Says Thank You, Like a Billboard

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Couple Buys OOH to Thank Drivers & Delivery People #EverydayGiants | Uber


Don’t Ever Underestimate the IMPACT of a Billboard
because Nothing Says Thank You Like OOH


There are all types of ways to show gratitude. Many of us who have been in the OOH Industry for a long period of time, have become a bit immune to the tremendous impact a personal billboard has on an the individual who is the focus of the billboard and is the purchaser of the billboard

One thing I learned in my first month of selling Out of Home, which was decades ago, was there is no barrier to cost when it comes to what a person might spend for a personal billboard.

It was back in the day of hand paints and posters. The customer wanted a painted bulletin on the Interstate in a high demand area. The cost for one week, without guarantee of start date, was $2,500. A nice dollar for the mid market of Grand Rapids.

Multiple attempts to talk her out of the purchase came to an abrupt stop, when she responded to my suggestion she could buy a really nice gift for her boyfriend’s birthday for that amount of dough. “This is the greeting card,” she said. “The gift I bought him, is a Corvette.”  Ball park cost then was $14K.  

Check out the 1 minute video which best shares a couple’s experience with an Uber driver and how they showed their gratitude. Spoiler alert— It’s a hand paint. 


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Below is a one minute video which shows the wall as it is being painted. 


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