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Not Just A Billboard: Molested at 12. Sold by Dad. Raped 8 times a day

The Truth in Sex Trafficking

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We see a large number of non-profits using OOH.
None of recent memory are as effective as this campaign.

“The Truth in Trafficking” —Twenty-three Atlanta Metro billboard locations began May 21.
It is a powerful and provocative campaign targeting predators by the International Human Trafficking Institute.  .

Kym Frank, President of Geopath, “These ads are absolutely chilling. Billboard campaign targets sexual predators.”

“These ads are absolutely chilling. Billboard campaign targets sexual predators.”

Once you see the billboards, you’ll agree, it has to change.

Atlanta has one of the highest underground sex industries in the United States. It is a flourishing hub for human trafficking because

  1. Of 14 major cities in the USA, it has the most strip clubs per capita, even more than Vegas,
  2. It is one of the most popular convention destinations in the country 
  3. It has the largest airport in the world.

Wherever you have large crowds of people with disposable money there will be greater demand for sexual and cheap labor services and thus incentive to exploit vulnerable people.

Deborah Richardson, executive director of the International Human Trafficking Institute, says, “It’s time we addressed the root cause of sex trafficking —demand. “Richardson hopes a new digital billboard campaign her agency launched May 21 will help stop the trafficking.

“We stand against the sex trafficking of children in Atlanta. Only together we can save these innocent and abused children, expose the truths in trafficking and rid Atlanta of these unthinkable horrors.”

“The Truth in Trafficking,” will run through June 16, is the brainchild of Legend ad agency
CEO, Michael Dunn.


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