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Newspaper Associations Urge President Joe Biden to Advertise in Local Newspapers To Promote Vaccines

The .001%

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Newspaper Groups Urge Biden To
Use Their Members’ Pages To Promote Vaccines


99.999% of our posts are related to Out of Home advertising one way or another. The following story from MediaPost has not a word or comment about Outdoor advertising, it is news you should be aware of. It is the .001%

The News Media Alliance and the National Newspaper Association (NNA) sent a letter to The President (here it is ⇒ letter) urging President Joe Biden to advertise in local newspapers to encourage trust in vaccines. 

The President-CEO of the News Media Alliance David Chavern said: “The Administration will need all forms of communication to reach this goal, and in this case, print newspapers are one of the most important. The reality is that many of the individuals they are trying to reach live in rural or distressed areas with little or no internet or broadband connectivity. By and large, the best way to reach these individuals is through the printed newspaper.”

The Executive Director of the NNA Lynne Lance, in part was quoted saying, “The Administration, to date, has overlooked the reach that our member newspapers can provide…”

Here is the link to the full MediaPost story by Ray Schultz ⇒ Newspaper Groups Urge Biden To Use Their Members’ Pages To Promote Vaccines 05/14/2021 (mediapost.com)

The News Media Alliance is a nonprofit organization representing more than 2,000 news organizations.

The National Newspaper Association protects, promotes, and enhances the community newspapers of America with 1,700 newspapers. 

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