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“New Kids On The Block” —Target Student

Founder of Target Student Receives ‘Rising Star Award’

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“New kids on the block” – Founder of Target Student Receives ‘Rising Star Award’ at Media Week Awards 2023

Guy Thurlow, Co-Founder of Target Student, has been honored with the esteemed ‘Rising Star Award’ at the Media Week Awards 2023. This accolade recognizes Guy’s exceptional contributions to the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising space and his commitment to enhancing the lives of thousands of students in the UK.

The Media Week Awards, organized by Campaign and widely acknowledged for spotlighting excellence and innovation within the media and marketing industry, have recently applauded Guy’s extraordinary journey. From a recent graduate to a dynamic entrepreneur, Guy has redefined how brands connect with the Gen Z demographic through DOOH advertising.

Guy’s journey has been characterized by resilience and determination, navigating various challenges, including the global pandemic. Notably, for two years, he and Co-Founder Andy Francksen self-funded the start-up business through multiple part-time jobs.

Target Student’s innovative dual-purpose model serves as an important communication platform for university accommodation providers as well as an unscrollable bridge between brands and the student audience. Partnering with both on-campus and off-campus university accommodation providers, Target Student assists in modernizing their internal communication strategies, facilitating real-time engagement with students, whilst providing a platform for advertisers to directly engage with students in their homes. The company has successfully delivered campaigns for renowned brands such as Amazon, Unilever, the Department for Education, Santander Universities, Co-Op, Disney and Deliveroo.

Words from the Judging Panel:
The Media Week Awards judging panel commended Guy as a true “self-starter” who identified new opportunities within the mature OOH marketplace. His “entrepreneurial spirit” and “proactive business mindset” were acknowledged as qualities that will continue to drive his success. The panel expressed confidence in Guy’s ability to make further waves in the industry.

About Target Student:
Target Student have established partnerships with the leading PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation) providers, along with prestigious universities across the HE sector. The company has a prominent presence across the United Kingdom, with 300+ D6 screens strategically placed in university accommodation in key cities, generating an impressive daily reach of over 5 million daily impressions. They work with advertisers seeking to engage with the ‘hard to reach’ Gen Z demographic, providing a platform for sustained year-round interaction with students. This approach has firmly established the company as a driving force in the realm of student marketing. For more information about Target Student, please visit https://targetstudent.com/

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