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Netflix as the Clever OOH Joker

"Don't you think the Joker laughs at you?" 

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yellow arrows point to new billboard imprints for Netflix.

The Joker’s Imprints are Installed

Netflix’s purchase of Regency Outdoor inventory is back in the news.  No new details has come out of
the streaming network’s buy of the OOH Company’s inventory.   What is new, is the number of Netflix shows which are currently on display and the addition of billboard ‘imprints’ with the Netflix name.

If there is anything to prove ownership or command of a billboard, it is the appearance of the company’s name at the bottom of the sign.  Typically located on the ‘skirt’ or ‘apron’, with few exceptions, OOH companies place their name on the sign.

Netflix branding has been installed on LA prime billboard space along the mile-and-a-half-long section of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.  It is among the most coveted advertising properties in the country.  The bright red illuminated LED imprint, with simple ‘Netflix’ imprint is on full display.  It is the proverbial planting of the flag as proof of ownership.

Netflix is on the street promoting on their newly acquired billboards with a number of shows including the final season of “House of Cards” , the series “Daredevil,” “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and the animated “Big Mouth.”

Rates for the ‘Strip’ have increased due to the upward pressure of demand verses supply brought about by the new Netflix agreement.  What once were peak rates of $200,000 per month for key OOH Strip locations, the market has seen increases of 20% to 35%.

Why the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood and LA? Why the demand?

  1. The large concentration of motion picture awards voters and studio executives who live in the nearby areas.
  2. The dead on impact to the competition that Netflix has clout and prestige
  3. Placating the egos of actors and directors while enticing major talent.
    Billboards are often directed to actors and artists. Studio’s will do what they must to attract the top talent to their shows.  If displaying an actor’s face on a billboard makes them feel special, working for Netflix becomes a reality. In the past, billboard’s had been part of the agreements for the studio requiring a specific number of billboards promoting the star and the movie.
    4. There is nothing like seeing your name and image in lights on in West Hollywood.

Outfront Media and Clear Channel Outdoor, own the bulk of the Sunset Blvd billboard location inventory.

Netflix has already created this image of itself, at times promoting they are ‘a joke.’ But if Netflix is a joke,  it makes them the Joker.  As such, doesn’t the rest of the Television Industry know the joke is on them?

Or as Lennon and McCartney puts it, “Don’t you think the Joker laughs at you?”  Kookookachu
Check out the Beatles song, ‘I am the Walrus’

photo pre Netflix buy of Regency Inventory

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