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My Weekly Rendezvous with Abhishek, Cheddar and the Pump

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Getting gas, filling up my car, is a pain

I don’t drive as much as I used too back in the day, schlepping billboards in local sales, driving 50,000 miles per year. When I was always on the road, filling up, was a welcomed break. Oh the Cokes and candy bars! Those days are gone.

Today, I typically make a separate trip twice a week to fill up my car, so my wife, who drives it daily, doesn’t have too.  The place I patronize is a nearby Shell station, which has a car wash, accepts ‘that’s my Giant’ Supermarket loyalty points, (providing .20 cents off a every gallon of gas) and the station owner,  Abhishek, is typically there and we visit.

While I still dread the trips, one thing I look forward to, is watching what GSTV has playing. This is not a pitch for GSTV.  No money, favors or rebates are changing hands.

The GSTV interest is three-fold:

1. #OOH. GSTV allows me to see some  Outdoor Advertising. There is very little OOH in the Northern Virginia area, which is where I live. It may be the most undeserved OOH market in the country. I like to see what advertisers are spending, the creative and condition of the space. I have a bit of an interest in the OOH space as you might imagine.

2. Sean McCaffrey. GSTV’s President and CEO.  Since he joined I began paying more attention to the digital screens and its content. I am happy to report it always works, looks good and interesting content.

3. Cheddar.  GSTV just struck a partnership with Cheddar.  For those of you who don’t know Cheddar, it is a post-cable news company who broadcasts live on multiple channels like SlingTV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Philo, Twitter, Facebook Watch, Pluto, Xumo and more. Cheddar reports a viewership of +6.5 million.  I view it on the laptop at home. It is very entertaining and informative content.  Andy Scriubas of OUTFRONT did a newsy segment with. See it here⇒Billboard of the Future

With Cheddar now on GSTV’s DOOH network, it makes the bother of filling up the gas tank a lot more baerable.  Congrats McCaffrey and GSTV.

See the article from MediaPost announcing the GSTV/Cheddar here⇒ Cheddar’s next platform is GSTV

Check out McCaffrey Cheddar interview.





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