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Movia Lands Preferred Amazon Partnership

Prime, Prime Video, Whole Foods, Audible, Twitch

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Movia Lands Preferred Amazon Partnership 

by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

One of the most interesting parts of running a mobile advertising company is the diversity of clients I’ve had the opportunity to get to know. However, our latest affiliation needs no introduction. We’re excited to have entered into a preferred partnership with Amazon, as their truck side advertising/mobile billboard partner.

The reality is that all brands, even one as well-known as Amazon, need to keep connecting with consumers, so their entry into the mobile OOH space is more than exciting news, it’s smart business. And it’s not just Amazon than will be taking advantage of the medium – Movia has been working with their head office in Seattle since the beginning of the year to become an Internal Amazon Approved Vendor for all their affiliated companies. Meaning we’re on the list to help brands like Prime, Prime Video, Whole Foods, Audible, Twitch and more come to market with truck side advertising solutions.For an example of this, you can take a look at our first campaign out of the gate for Amazon, which brought the Ad Council movement “Love Has No Labels” to the streets, garnering 27 million impressions. These ads represented an amazing step for Movia, not just because of who we were working with, but because of what the ads were about. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is something I’m personally passionate about, so having the opportunity for our company help embrace and advocate the subject was a highlight in my year. Campaign Video can be found hereIt’s interesting to see how Amazon has been branching out to find unconventional advertising opportunities, such as box advertising, not just for its own brands, but for brands who advertise with Amazon as well. We’re looking forward to helping each and every one of their companies and verticals strategize and execute their upcoming campaigns, which will give us unique experience and perspective in the mobile OOH space.

And who knows, maybe next time you think about Amazon it won’t be because your “to buy” list reminded you, but because one of our trucks passed you by with a message that took you by surprise.

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