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MoonPie on ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ GSTV

MoonPie Child —The Video

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MoonPie’s “Super Bowl” at Gas Station TV’s 


Chattanooga Bakery’s MoonPie took their ongoing TheBigThing SuperBowl stunts to the next level and aired a new TheBigThing national TV spot on Sunday. MoonPie is a confectionery combination of marshmallow, graham and chocolate, a staple at gas stations, and is a product of Chattanooga Bakery.

With an 80 second ad perfect for gas pumps across America, agency Tombras and GSTV, the OOH network of video displays at gas stations, ran MoonPie on “hundreds of thousands” of fuel pump screens around the country.  

GSTV President and CEO, Sean McCaffrey commented, “When Tombras approached us, we immediately realized their idea was a stroke of genius—and not just because of the spot’s creative vision. Brands today know it’s increasingly difficult to find moments when consumer attention is truly focused, so with an unavoidably attention-grabbing spot, and a media buy that leverages the full scale and capabilities of GSTV, it’s the perfect way to stand out.”

Take a few seconds to view the Video below



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