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Monster Build in West Hollywood- This is Happening

The Sunset Spectacular

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Tom Wiscombe Architecture’s Sculptural Belltower Wins Competition for Sunset Strip Billboard Design

The Sunset Spectacular

Big day today for Out of Home, Orange Barrel Media and West Hollywood.

The West Hollywood City Council tonight votes to approve a contract for construction of a ‘pilot’ digital billboard in the city parking lot at 8775 Sunset Blvd.

It is gratifying to see municipalities come together, working with Outdoor Owners for whatever the reason and embrace the construction of new OOH.

The billboard, named the “Belltower,” is a collaboration of Orange Barrel MediaTom Wiscombe Architecture, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Walter P. Moore, an engineering firm.

According to the WEHOville post, “The project is intended to illustrate the evolution of outdoor advertising in the new media era and encourage other outdoor advertisers to be similarly creative on the Sunset Strip, which is known worldwide for its iconic billboards. It is described as the “Sunset Spectacular” project, using the outdoor advertising industry term for a creative display that incorporates digital technologies.”

The Belltower is a 72-foot tall, three-sided structure with a digital screen.

Orange Barrel will be giving the following to obtain the rights the billboard.

  1. Build a 72 foot 3 sided structure which includes digital screen.
  2. Dedicated areas for arts programming on the interior and exterior, as well as a public plaza surrounding the sign
  3. Three pedestrian light poles on plaza surrounding the sign
  4. Private security company to ensure 24 hour security availability
  5. 3,682 square foot plaza with landscaping providing pedestrian respite and art-viewing space on Sunset Boulevard
  6. Guaranteed minimum annual revenue of $1,023,750 in the first year of its 10-year contract
  7. Guaranteed minimum amount will increase by 3% a year
  8. A total of $11,736,146 over the 10-year contract
  9. A cut of that revenue if it exceeds the guaranteed minimum payment.
  10. Up to 20% of the visual content on the digital billboard will be art
  11. City waives all planning and building fees

The City of West Hollywood currently receives $480,000 a year in lease payment for the back to back standard billboard currently on the site.

The City Council considers approval of contract to license the billboard site to Orange Barrel at its meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m PST.

Read the full story from the WEHOville⇒Belltower billboard in West Hollywood

WeHo City Council Will Be Asked to Finally Bless the Sunset Strip Belltower Project





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  1. Stephen Freitas says

    It’s reminiscent of the Foster and Kleiser parks in Los Angeles during the early half of the Twentieth Century.

  2. Bill Board says

    That sounds very interesting. No one on the OOH Today team here, is familiar with F&K parks in LA.
    Would you please share Mr Freitas? Photos? Our readers would like to hear more.

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