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Mo Mo Movia Hits the Road

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HaulerAds rebrands to Movia – and hits the road strong


North American mobile billboard suppler HaulerAds has announced it has rebranded to Movia, and is already driving results for new customers.

The Toronto-based mobile billboard supplier has built a reputation of being a unique OOH option through its offering of highly-targeted truckside ads, combined with Wi-Fi tracking technology that yields massive amounts of actionable impressions.

With the goal to better communicate their competitive advantage and passion for tech-enabled solutions, HaulerAds have given themselves a new identity. They will now be called Movia – a combination of “moving” and “media” – and have launched a new site to reflect this. The focus will be on positioning themselves as a cutting-edge OOH supplier that utilizes beacons to track, reach and engage audiences in ways traditional billboards can’t.

Movia’s truck-side ads work together with tracking and Wi-Fi collecting devices, allowing for both analytics and retargeting. Brands can view their real-time dashboard to see when where and who saw their message and track their ROI. They can then build relevant audiences and reach them again on their mobile devices, increasing overall effectiveness far beyond what traditional OOH can offer.

The rebrand demonstrates both the technology already being deployed by Movia, and today’s ever-evolving market that thrives on innovation. Movia will continue to work in trucking/hauling but will focus on technology as its primary brand identity.

Re-branding isn’t just for looks. Movia has successfully brought millions of measurable impressions to a plethora of brands. For instance, they recently helped online interior design company Modsy garner 1.2 million impressions and a 14% increase in their online conversions.

Taking a step into the future and re-branding was an important step for Movia, However, it will be their continued ability to bring success to brands in innovative ways that will have this new name being talked about in the industry for many more years to come.

For more information about Movia.Media, please visit https://movia.media/


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