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Owner of Ace Outdoor, Fatally Shot Outside Louisiana Bar

Shooting Tragedy

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Around 2 a.m. on Dec. 16, Michael Grace, the Owner of Ace Outdoor Advertising, was shot and killed outside of a Shreveport, Louisiana bar. The suspected shooter and man responsible for Grace’s death, William Colby Sirman, was soon found dead in a drainage ditch 1.2 miles away from the crime scene. Police determined that after shooting Grace, Sirman speedily fled away on his motorbike and crashed into the highway-adjacent ditch, dying soon after. Investigators have yet to determine Sirman’s motive for the deadly shooting.

Grace was 61 years old and had a tenured, successful career in the OOH field. He possessed over 28 years of industry expertise and had developed over 300 billboard sites in the states of Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Grace was originally from Chandler, Texas and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Southwest Texas University. In 2004, he founded Ace Outdoor in Shreveport. 

Grace states on his LinkedIn page: “I have built this company internally from the ground up. I have no partners, investors, employees, or sales managers to set my rates. I operate my company with little to no overhead, and thus pass the savings along to my advertisers.”

So far no statement has been provided by Grace’s family or Ace Outdoor. Our condolences are with Grace’s family members, friends, coworkers, and everyone that knew him.

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