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March Madness —Top 25 DMAs with Highest Interest in College Hoops

areas that show the most interest in college basketball

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by Brian SchopperMarketing Manager, Geopath

The annual NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is officially underway! This rousing tournament has been around for over 80 years now, and has happened every year since 1939 except for 2020 (for obvious reasons).

The tournament is one of the largest annual sporting events in the United States, and is beloved by spectators across the country. Many viewers fill out brackets with their predictions for how the tournament will play out. Did you know that the chances of getting your bracket perfect are extremely slim? If you have some knowledge of basketball, your chances are about 1 in 120 billion. If you’re guessing, your chances are about 1 in 9 quintillion!

Using the Population Library in the Insights Suite, we can look across the country at areas that show the most interest in college basketball.Here are the top 25 DMAs in the continental US when looking at those with a very high level of interest in college basketball:

Residents of the Hartford-New Haven DMA are 13% above the national average for a high level of interest in college basketball. One the flip side, residents of the Lost Angeles DMA are 18% below the national average for high interest in college basketball.

The Lafayette, IN DMA is 11% above average for the same variable. Indiana is famously a big college basketball state, and this year, the Indiana Hoosiers were able to find their place in the tournament by winning a play-in game!When looking at the top geographies at the county level for the same variable, several of the top counties are in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

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