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Triple the Talent

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Heawon Yoo

by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Editorial Intern

The more screens, the better. OOH Video Network Lightbox took this into consideration for their latest work, a campaign for Nordstrom Rack. The venture uses Lightbox’s window fronts to promote holiday season gift-giving in captivating video displays. Located only steps from the store’s location in Midtown New York City, there are three mesmerizing displays that comprise 300 sq ft in total. Targeting shoppers during the holiday season, the campaign launched on November 14th and will run through December 31st. Heawon Yoo, Lightbox’s Chief Marketing Officer, joined OOH Today for an exclusive interview.

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Q: Why is this advertisement more effective than other, more traditional OOH alternatives?

A: The Nordstrom Rack campaign on Lightbox Unlimited window fronts are more effective given their unexpected video placements and non-traditional “units.” We’re leveraging real estate that is part of the fabric of NYC and L.A., and to be able to place advertising directly onto buildings – where the creative is customized for each structure – allows us to create impressive impact that you don’t get from standard billboards. The ads become beautiful seamless features of the architecture.”

Q: What aspects of this advertisement made it so successful?

A: “Customizing the creative specific to the real estate was key to a successful execution. For example, in NYC, the creative in each of the three vertically stacked windows plays off each other. Items move from one window to another, the models in different windows direct their attention to each other, etc. It’s a perfect flow of creativity throughout the triptych, which obviously can’t be achieved had these been traditional static units.”

Q: What does the future look like for Lightbox?

A: “This future is incredibly exciting for Lightbox. Since 2021, we’ve diversified our assets beyond being the country’s largest video network in malls, to expanding into 2500 grocery stores, to offering show-stopping window front video in major cities. We’re committed to leading the industry in growing beyond just digital OOH — which to many just means digitizing traditional OOH – to creating a new category for video in the real world.”

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