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Photo by FotoFetch

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Everyone in business wants to maximize their revenue.

Those locations that traditionally have had only local clients have room to grow revenue by getting better paying regional, and national business.  These boards need two things.

1. Great photo / sell sheets  

Imagine being an actor or a model looking for work without a headshot.  Instead, a “photo coming soon” placard.  Yet, that is what we see so often.   Some photos are so out of date, it would be like a 40-year-old using a photo from when they were a child actor.  Agencies and buying services need to see compelling images of your asset or they take a pass at your location(s) in only a brief review.  They don’t have the time to waste on questionable-looking placements. Sell sheets need to be updated on a regular basis, no one likes surprises on new blockage issues.

2. Great POP/ Glam shots delivered in a timely manner

It’s not surprising to see how a burger from a fast food chain looks nothing like the burger displayed in their advertising.  The disappointment leads to a lack of confidence.   We need to strive to deliver photos that resemble the image they originally were attracted to in the first place. Cars going TOWARD the structure, people walking by or in proximity to your street furniture are the pluses you can use to enhance your photos without bruising customer confidence.

Photo by FotoFetch

I routinely read about our visual OOH industry deserving more of the media pie, but begrudgingly supplying subpar imagery in OUR time frame is a negative that hurts our chances,  We, as an industry can do better, and the need for great photography will only become more important as we strive to grow our revenue.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist, FotoFetch
206-409-2647 http://fotofetch.com  Instagram  LinkedIn




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