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Legacy In Outdoor

Formetco Video Episode 2: Jim McLaughlin

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Formetco’s Legacy In Outdoor

Formetco Episode 2: Jim McLaughlin

‘Legacy In Outdoor’ is a series of intimate interviews conducted by Formetco’s John Gibb.  Gibb, features legendary names in Outdoor Advertising.  This second episode is with Jim McLaughlin.

McLaughlin is a native of coal country, eventually finding his home in Atlanta. Managing, owning and operating 10 Outdoor Advertising companies since his beginning in 1974, Jim McLaughlin today is the President and CEO of Link Media Outdoor.  McLaughlin shares a valuable and rich, oral #OOH history of his first person experiences in the billboard business.

Formetco‘s Legacy in Outdoor, Episode 2 Jim McLaughlin video is below for your listening and viewing pleasure. Click the arrow on the video below. Enjoy!



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  1. Thomas R Giesken says

    Great video. Great person. I’ve done a lot of business with a handful of those companies he’s mentioned and run. I’d love to meet Jim someday. I think he is truly a leader in our industry.

  2. Bill Board says

    Formetco did a great job didn’t they Thomas Giesken. McLaughlin is great person. I have had the fortune to work for him with three of his companies in past years.
    Jim knows OOH. Search him out at the OAAA/Geopath Convention in Vegas. #OOH2019 He is very approachable. Thank you for your comments.

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