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Last Call for FOARE Scholarship Applications

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This is the last call for the Foundation for Out of Home Advertising Research and Education (FOARE) scholarship applications. The foundation awards four general student scholarships and seven named scholarships consisting of $5,000 each. The deadline is Friday, June 17.

“I feel confident that having that prestigious award on my application for college helped me succeed in being accepted at my first choice college. I believe it also helped me in obtaining the ideal internship for my major in marketing.”

– Sarah Cooper FOARE Scholarship, 2012-2013

Established in 1930, FOARE is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation fostering research and education on issues of critical importance to the future of the OOH advertising industry and all its stakeholders.

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103 scholarships have been awarded since the FOARE scholarship program was established in the 2001-2002 academic year. Nearly $300,000 in scholarships have helped to support the education of and career goals of students who are a part of the out of home advertising family along with those pursuing a course of study related to the industry.

“Winning the FOARE Scholarship gave me validation that I was headed into the right industry. Being awarded this national scholarship was a great boost of confi[1]dence.”

– Brad Mizer FOARE Scholarship, 2004-2005

If you know a deserving college student who’s passionate about the future of OOH, encourage them to apply.

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