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Lamar Buys Sacramento California Plant

Marquee Media Retains

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Former Marquee Media on the 3 in a Row bulletins Sacramento King’s Basketball

Marquee Media sold 11 Freeway Digital OOH Displays and 6 traditional static faces in Sacramento to Lamar Advertising. We are told Johnsen Fretty & Company represented Marquee Media in the transaction. One of OOH Today’s favorite and often mentioned in this newsletter going back to 2018, are the locations called ‘3 in a Row’ and part of the freeway bulletins transacted.

We were not able to learn of the value of the sale. We understand there were at least two other OOH companies vying for the business. 

Prior to this acquisition, Lamar did not have inventory in Sacramento and by virtue of the buy, now ranks second in market. The newly acquired California State Capitol inventory fits well in Lamar’s footprint of Chico, Oroville and Stockton. Marquee Media retained certain inventory including the ‘Full Motion’ displays downtown Sacramento and LA inventory. 

One of many Full Motion displays which remains with Marquee Media


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