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Study Shows OOH Campaigns will Perform Better on KEVANI Sites Due to Their Premium Nature

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New KEVANI study examines the role of OOH placements with Ad retention & perception

LA- based KEVANI, Inc., one of the largest and most innovative outdoor advertising companies in Southern California, released a new study demonstrating that their unique OOH locations have a higher brand recall, are visually more attractive, and outperform their competition compared to other similar sites in Los Angeles.

Axona Lab, a tech and innovation company that utilizes Neuroscience and AI technology to look into consumers’ brains, conducted the research for KEVANI, investigating the role of OOH placements with its relation to ad retention and its impact on creative fatigue.

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KEVANI aimed to understand consumers’ retention and perception after ad exposure, realizing that on a daily basis there are constant ad messages both inside and outside the home.


Participants were broken up into two random groups: Group 1 was exposed to various creatives in no particular order to both KEVANI and non-KEVANI sites. After a wait time they had a creative recall test to measure impact. Group 2 was exposed to both KEVANI and non-KEVANI sites with a priority order of the same creatives.

OOH sites tested included both prime (digital and full-motion) and standard (non-digital placements and murals) locations. The impact of cognitive load (how much information a working memory can hold at a given time), excitement, and memory recall of the participants were all monitored.


KEVANI prime sites scored 8% less cognitive load while KEVANI standard sites scored 7% less cognitive load indicating that regardless of the creative, OOH campaigns will perform better on KEVANI sites due to their premium nature. Excitement levels also scored significantly higher on all KEVANI sites while demonstrating a higher memory recall of the advertisements displayed.

KEVANI prime sites had a considerably higher brand recall rate, further proving the value of brands utilizing iconic placements in Los Angeles to stand out from the crowd.

Kevin Bartanian

“This proves our theory that iconic media assets boost positive responses, delivering an impact on a neurological level and garnering a very strong recall rate – two key components that contribute to driving real-world sales. As we continue to add new-to-market assets, KEVANI is committed to our vision of an enhanced and contextualized visual experience for the places we occupy,” says KEVANI CEO, Kevin Bartanian.

KEVANI’s study can help both brands and agencies predict campaign performance and provide metrics for the effectiveness of an OOH placement for ad retention using the same methodology.

The full report can be downloaded here


KEVANI is an out-of-home (OOH) media sales organization that promotes national and local brands through innovative outdoor advertising destinations. Our inventory provides a unique opportunity for our brand and agency partners to captivate their audience. We started KEVANI because we want to bring value to our medium, from the development of new destinations to the way the medium is sold. Simply put, our mission is to transform our industry and we do so by adhering to our Mission Statement.

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