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John Miller and Ian Dallimore —The Digital and Dirt Podcast

Predict, Pivot, Adapt & Change

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Ian Dallimore
Ian Dallimore 

Our pal Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth & GM of Programmatic at Lamar Advertising Company, sent us a link to listen to his latest podcast, the last for 2021 featuring John Miller. Miller may be the most likable guy in the OOH industry. He is certainly in the top 5. Putting Dallimore and Miller together behind microphones could be dangerous and it will always be fun. For sure it was informative. If you know them you’ll really enjoy the conversation and if you don’t know them, this is an opportunity to do so. It’s worth the time.

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Grow your network and increase your OOH knowledge. Listen to Dallimore’s ‘Digital and Dirt’ with guest John Miller, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Lamar Advertising Company.

The title for the show is Predict, Pivot, Adapt & Change
Show notes: In the final episode of season 1, host Ian Dallimore speaks with John Miller, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Lamar. They begin by discussing their values of leadership in the office and outside. John and Ian then dive into the 4 pillars of success – predict, pivot, adapt & change. They review each pillar in-depth and provide insights from their unique experiences.

You can listen here⇒

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