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JCDecaux Says “too political”

Brexit Brexit Brexit —still using paper and paste posters

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Led by Donkeys —Too Political

JCDecaux seems to have their hands full in England with political advertising.

Decaux, referenced as the ‘big beast of billboards,’  according to the pro-remain group called  ‘Led By Donkeys’  have reported Decaux is refusing acceptance of any further business while previously they have accepted similar messages from the political group.  The group claims JCDecaux is not allowing it to purchase ad space because it is “too political”.

Led by Donkeys, as they are called, are well-funded for future OOH purchases via Crowdfunding and are actively seeking larger format billboards owned by ‘Independents’ to escape the restrictions by Decaux.

OOH Today has only one question:  Why are they still using paper and paste for posters and long handle brushes as well?  #TimetoModernize #vinylavailablein1980’s #longhandlesoutin’70s

See the article from Campaign Live for more details here ⇒ Decaux Refuses





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  1. Raymond Rodriguez says

    Wow, still posting tiled sheets! This offering from the “Big Beast of Billboards” looks really shabby. Is it because it’s political advertising and low rent? Instead of banning them, @bydonkeys should demand a make-good. Grab that guy’s ladder before he finishes defacing the neighborhood.

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you for the comment and observations Raymond. I am not sure the locations are the ‘big beast’ locations but the Independent’s mentioned by them.
    Love the humor and observations! Keep sharing!

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