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It’s Freezing Outside

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Photo by Steve Lind

As we inch into March, some of us living in the northern tier of the USA have plenty of cold weather yet to remain. The snow at my home has been melting, blowing, and accumulating since November.  Sub-zero temps have long ago frozen area creeks and lakes.

I don’t consider this bad weather.

I’m perfectly fine as long as I have my hooded down coat, neck gaiter, mittens, hand warmers, fur hat, Sorel boots, and a base layer of merino wool. Sometimes I’m a bit too warm. My dogs stare at me doe-eyed, waiting for their daily walks.  They don’t seem to care if the wind is howling and snow is blowing. They welcome every day with their tails wagging eagerly to head outside.

shot by FotoFetch

I’m one of those who enjoys the variety of four seasons. Today, living in Montana, where the warm, dry summers are short and the snowy cold winters long, I at least have something to look forward to.

In Seattle, persistent moisture never altered my daily plans as long as I wore my rain gear.   I went on with my daily life, hoping for an occasional sun break.  We have only so many seasons left in our lives, so get outside as often as you can, dress suitably, and welcome whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

by Steve LindChief Evangelist
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