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Is Someone Really Going to Buy a Word Sandwich? —Iconic Stacks

McDonald's Stretches OOH Creative Rules, Again

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McDonald’s Newest Sandwich—Iconic stacks

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special billboards without brand name sure upsets us.

A ‘word sandwich’ by any other name might be a ‘failing design’.

Without name, logo or pictures of food, is it OOH at its most creative?  Or its worst?
What is your opinion?  Does this MickeyD’s new OOH Creative work for you? 

Which billboard creative is making you think about lunch about now?

Produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett London and designer David Schwen, the campaign titled ‘Iconic Stacks’ features typographic posters with ingredient names color-coded and stacked into word sandwiches.

“Only a handful of brands can communicate like this,” says Andrew Long, Creative Director at Leo Burnett London. “Super proud of our latest work for one of the most iconic brands in the world, I’ll let you guess which one.”



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