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In My OOH Art Gallery

everything in this photo is perfect

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photo by FotoFetch

OOH Photo Today

If I owned an art gallery dedicated to Out of Home photography this photography would be prominently featured there.  This was shot recently by one of FotoFetch’s photographers; everything in this photo is perfect.  If you couldn’t recognize the west coast license plates, this could be on any leafy thoroughfare anywhere in the US.

It’s truly a shot of Americana.

I honestly would compare this image to a Norman Rockwell masterpiece. Now hear me out…..

The well-scrubbed and polished late model automobiles, classic black and that new primary colored green Mini (albeit foreign made) idling in their designated lanes demonstrates order as they await the signal to proceed.   The pedestrian is perfectly positioned in the crosswalk.  They are sporting a backpack, lunch tote, and sporty togs heading to the office.

Across the street, a family, a faded blue-jeaned father carefully cradling a young toddler as a young mother reaches for the crosswalk button.  There is even an endangered blue postal mailbox on the corner and then the divergent soft pastel clapboard building housing a purveyor of motor oil across the street.

The well-kept and freshly painted row houses, sans litter on the streets and unsightly graffiti are just another Rockwellian touch. The coupe de grace, a magnificently smiling simple play on words in the OOH creative displayed on a rooftop bulletin with its lease number displayed correctly in the lower left.

Yes, OOH art that harkens the spirit of a great Americana painter would definitely have a coveted space in my gallery.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist
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  1. Fran says

    This photo is perfect…you can’t ask for a better looking day in San Francisco!

  2. Yes Fran. It is a great photo and great OOH day in SF Thank you for your comments

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