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Imagine One Day Everyone has Full Motion Digital OOH Locations

Faces Overhanging the Right-of-Way.

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LA’s Only Full-Motion Digital Billboard Network

Imagine one day, every digital OOH bulletin could be full motion video. Wouldn’t that be great?

WOW Media has it.  And more.

It’s not just the full motion video which is impressive, added to the premier content opportunities are the premier spaces near LAX Airport and sign pole/face placement in the middle of the road, in the median.  Many of their faces overhang the right of way!   That is figuratively and literally, WOW.

WOW Media has full motion video today with premium space consisting of 6 bulletin locations.
Wow also has 6 alternative locations which is wild posting. Wonder if those are going video anytime soon?
Small plant.  Effective placement.

Wow Media has an impressive (click fo)r⇒ client list here  

Check out one of their ‘location sheets’. This one below with advertiser Air France-France is in the Air.




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