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IBO COOP Speedway to Use CUENDE MetricOOH Tools

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IBO COOP Speedway to Use CUENDE MetricOOH Tools


Chris Cowbeck

“We are excited to be in a position to be the first USA based selling platform to use the CUENDE MetricOOH, pronounced “Metric-ooooo”, traffic metrics comparative tools,” said Chris Cowlbeck, IBOUSA General CUENDE MetricOOH is a tool set that compares the physical attributes of Out of Home (OOH) locations.  By using the same satellite imagery used by big governments, all traffic on the road when the image is captured can be analyzed independent of the limitations of privacy or mobile location issues impacting current audience measurement services. Their comparative tools will give the end user a way to find the best OOH inventory in a specified market.

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“We fully realize the need for audience information, but hadn’t been able to find a balance between the cost, accuracy, transparency and accountability versus the limited number of campaigns that had a more broad rural and suburban reach,” Cowlbeck said.  “I get a lot of chuckles when I say we’ve just been searching for the equivalent of rubber snakes in the road, that we can deploy 10,000 times fast.  COVID changed a lot of buy side analysis to look for local reach, but the audience measurement simply hasn’t been deployed, so I needed a tool to simply compare and determine the best locations based solely on physical attributes of the displays until all the dust settles and the OOH standards are fully adopted.  Given that the CUENDE process captures ALL the traffic on the roadways at one time, their analytical process is simply amazing – I think that agencies and buyers will enjoy the ease of use and applicability to value their buys.” 

Becky Smith

“The CUENDE MetricOOH solution is so easy to understand, most middle schoolers will get it,” said Becky Smith, IBOUSA Enterprise Manager (a 16-year veteran chemistry teacher).  “If I can get kids to understand chemistry, this MetricOOH tool set will be a breeze.  I think our media owners will love the ability to include inventory on their effective but less traveled routes and in a meaningful way, plus they can use the tools as a way to help decide on future locations.”

“As an active participant in oodles of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Media Rating Council (MRC) audits, I am committed that any service that IBOUSA will endorse will go through the MRC process,” Cowlbeck added.  “Their rigor and stickle for details is unprecedented and I’m happy to say that CUENDE has willingly adopted that high barrier of entry.  I’m hopeful they can reach full accreditation sometime in 2022 after we curate our approximately 50,000 faces we have connected at this time.  Our IBO Associates that are not connected to the IBO Speedway can still participate, but won’t have the same functionality built into their workflow.”

About IBO Speedway
The IBO COOP Speedway is a cloud based set of data solutions and technology “tools” that enable our IBO Marketing team to aggregate inventory information from just about any source and deliver data to just about any buyer or operator in any fashion.  IBO Marketing has grown to over 250 companies with about a 90K face footprint and uniquely functions on a break-even basis to represent the IBO Associates as a cooperative manager, much like a wheat farming coop.  Our centralized technical effort enables a one-stop functionality for buying interests whether automation assisted, programmatic or the good old-fashioned manual way. For more information contact Becky Smith, IBOUSA Enterprise Manager via email becky@IBOUSA.org.

Founded in 1991, CUENDE designs and develops advanced analytical systems in the area of marketing and advertising.  We provide clients with advanced information on essential factors with the aim of increasing their profits and reducing their risks. Developing projects in 14 countries and Latin America, CUENDE is a pioneer in the use of satellite images to determine traffic metrics for entire markets simultaneously. We are a unique partner for OOH with Maxar, owner of the highest resolution commercial satellites and who also provides similar services to governments and intelligence agencies worldwide. www.MetricOOH.com


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