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How To Sell the ‘Gaps’ in a Poster Plant

Bundle Up Your Billboards

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Bundle Up Your Billboards

Burkhart Outdoor Advertising has a Poster Panel promotional offer for Advertisers. It is an offer with a unique opportunity for Advertisers to ‘warm up’ their business.  Additionally, OOH Today recognizes it provides a solution to sell poster panels which have ‘GAPs’ in their calendar.

Defining GAPs, OOH Today’s brief explanation:
Outdoor Advertising Operators while meeting the demands of Advertisers’ whose post dates vary, encounter times which the end dates for one campaign do not match up with the start date of the next campaign. Those days in between are Gaps.

For instance, a campaign which started January 29th, 2018, and ends February 25th (4 week period) may not have a new advertiser to start on February 26th. The next contract in place for the space, does not match exactly to the next available post date February 26th.  In our example, the next contract for a specific set of locations do not begin until two weeks later, March 12th.  An Operator does not want to lose the income of two weeks.  February 26 through March 11th.  What is to be done with the 2 weeks of space which is open? A  ‘GAP’ exists.  Hence, a promotion which provides a solution to fill those gaps in the poster panel space for the Operator and an opportunity for Advertisers to “a great billboard deal” in the case of Burkhart, a “Bundle”.

More about the promotion. ‘Burkhart has pre-selected poster locations which are packaged at solid exposure levels available at one flat rate. Production and installation are included. Their special promotion ends March 2, with limited packages available in each of their markets.’

Examples of the packages with costs and locations are shared in the Link below.  The ‘Bundle’ is an engaging means encouraging 1st quarter sales.

Burkhart checked all the excellence boxes with the promotion.  The copy used, ‘Bundle Up’  during the dead of winter, the bright colors, a snow man and snow flakes encouraging one to wrap your self to protect against the cold of the weather and the opportunity for 1st quarter is very clever.  Nice creative Burkhart.

OOH Today asks:
1. As an Advertiser, is this an attractive offer?
2. As an OOH Operator, what is your solution for filling ‘GAPs’ in space?

Click the link after the arrow to see the promotion⇒ ‘BURKHART BUNDLE UP YOUR BILLBOARDS’ .  Or learn more by contacting Tony Wittrock, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Burkhart Advertising.

Burkhart Advertising, Inc.
1335 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, IN 46615
Phone: 574-233-2101     Toll Free: 800-777-8122


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