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‘How to Sell DOOH to Performance Marketers’

DPAA Free Webinar

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Publisher’s note.

We are deluged with how OOH/DOOH is realizing tremendous growth, in spite of Covid and the  dozens if empty forecasts of superior 4th quarter revenues and monster growth in 2021. We support immediate superior revenues and monster growth despite our doubts of the sunny, unsubstantiated forecasting by well meaning though misguided soothsayers. 

What we do believe, is we could all use help in getting our heads above water and taking concrete action to improve our respective OOH business. The multitude of ‘rah, rah’, feel good’, ‘ya gotta believe’ posts aren’t going to do it. Only you are. 

With that in mind, DPAA’s Home Room Webinar Series consistently provides us with free webinars sharing new technologies, strategies, content and education, that helps everyone. Importantly, this particular webinar, featuring Talon’s President, Jim Wilson and OneScreen, zeroes in on Performance Marketing.  By understanding what so many OOH and potential OOH long tail marketers need, will help us drive these ad revenues.

It’s important to keep in mind, performance marketing is the superpower of Facebook, as their focus on delivering ROI to local, regional and national advertisers is the key driver of Facebook ad sales success.

The webinar is a condensed version of the Harvard Business School course run by Sam Mallikarjunan on this important subject.


OneScreen.ai Joins DPAA and Schedules Free Webinar:
‘How to Sell DOOH to Performance Marketers’


NEW YORK, – DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital, announced today that OneScreen.ai has joined the association. In addition to joining DPAA as a member, OneScreen.ai has developed an informative free webinar, “How to Sell DOOH to Performance Marketers,” that it will present in association with DPAA on Thursday, Nov.12 at 11am ET.

The webinar is targeted to ad agencies, media owners and marketers and will focus on how performance marketers can effectively use digital out-of-home as a new channel for growth, and the enormous, untapped growth potential that exists if brand and performance marketing teams work together.

Agency attendees will learn how to sell into different parts of marketing organizations.

Media owners will learn more about what limitations of the internet make their properties uniquely interesting but why performance marketers are not yet buying, as indicated by results from a research study that will be released at the webinar.

Marketers will learn more about the advantages of different marketing mindsets and methodologies and how/why they should learn from each other if they want to accelerate growth.

The webinar agenda and registration details are available here.

The webinar will be presented by Sam Mallikarjunan, CEO & Co-Founder of OneScreen.ai. Mallikarjunan is the former Chief Revenue Officer of Flock.com and former Head of Growth at HubSpot Labs. He taught advanced digital marketing, innovation management and strategic economics at Harvard University and is Faculty Chair for the digital marketing department at the University of South Florida.

OneScreen.ai offers free IoT devices to brick-and-mortar businesses, enabling them to plug the device into the HDMI port of any digital display, such as a TV screen, and become instantly connected to OneScreen.ai’s content platform. The device sends back real-time information about the number of people in the room and enables marketers to target based on demographic and behavioral parameters previously available only online. The device facilitates a real-time auction to maximize the revenues for screen owners while easily enabling marketers to deploy campaigns. The machine learning algorithm powering the auction automatically optimizes what ads get shown when and where — empowering marketers with ad campaigns that optimize themselves.

“OneScreen’s AI-devices offer an incremental revenue stream to brick-and-mortar retailers at a time when so many desperately need this additional revenue,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA. “At the same time, performance marketers are connected to ideal customers and can benefit greatly from this new growth channel. We look forward to working closely with OneScreen to present this valuable webinar.”

Mallikarjunan said, “We joined DPAA because we share their passion for growing this industry. We’re excited to work with them to introduce new technologies and strategies as well as new content and education, like our upcoming webinar, that helps everyone do better.”


About DPAA
DPAA is the leading global trade marketing association connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital. Membership in the DPAA community brings many business acceleration benefits, including a wide array of products such as “DPAA Short Connects,” “DPAA Homeroom,” “DPAA Town Hall,” “DPAA Davos” and “DPAA Task Force.” DPAA also offers members an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies; tools for planning, training and forecasting; social media amplification of news; insights on software and hardware solutions; further integration into the advertising ecosystem as part of the video everywhere conversation and marketing campaign; and more.


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