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How to Reach Gen Z in 2022

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Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

How to Reach Gen Z in 2022

(The time to reach Gen Z is now)

by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

There’s a new group of young adults in town. Diverse, tech savvy, socially aware, they are the most educated generation in history. Knowing how to reach them should be at the top of every marketer’s mind. Born between 1995 and 2010, they are anticipated to become the largest consumer population in the US, accounting for 40% of the consumer market.    To put it mildly, Generation Z is changing the face of the game. So, how can we connect with them?

Values-Based Decision-Making

This cohort knows the importance of walking the walk. Social causes, such as sustainability, inclusivity, and racial equality matter to them. And they want to do business with companies that share their values. But baked-in values matter more than lip service here. Many large brands have found themselves on this generation’s wrong side with tone-deaf ads. The world is undergoing fundamental shifts and recognizing that can go far with them.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Be Entertaining, Tell a Story

This generation has been through a lot. Wars, recessions, and pandemics included. OOH campaigns that are entertaining, novel, or just plain weird, appeal to Gen Z’ers absurdist humor. This is the generation that turned an elderly-pug/weather-forecaster into a viral sensation spawning songs, cancelations and op-eds. While Millennials are also known for their neo-Dadaist humor, what makes Gen Z’s attitude different is they haven’t given up. Their world may be troubled, but they believe they can make it better.

message by Movia Media

One Word: Community

Considered the loneliest generation, Gen Z knows the power of community. Incorporating unique voices such as artists, activists, and thinkers, whose values mirror your brand’s, can help foster the sense of community that these young adults are looking for.

Last Thoughts

Gen Z is on the rise and their power is only beginning to be felt. Motivated, entrepreneurial, and socially active, these change-makers are choosing for themselves who they will do business with and why. Discerning OOH advertisers should keep an eye out for what they bring.

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