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How to Play Jack’s or Better, Trips to Win —The OOH Version

Marquee —Just the Answers

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Marquee Media Triplets

We liked this so much, it deserves its own post

The how’s and why’s to the OOH Execution by Marquee Media and Jack in the Box

OOH Today fired off a few questions, actually quite a few, about this 3 billboard buy from Jack in the Box to Jeff Joaquin, Co Founder at Marquee Media Solutions. Jeff was generous to provided the answers. Just the answers listed below. 

  • We call these units the Marquee Media Triplets.
  • This is our third program, Chevrolet, Bud Light and now JIB
  • Yes it builds until the 3rd unit where the copy uses an extension and is bigger.
  • They are vinyl’s. 100% Client/Brand ownership .
  • The typical buy has been 4 to 6 weeks. We have been marketing and selling the impact that the Marquee Triplets create. They work for clients that want something special and impactful.
  • They are 500’ apart from each other.
  • This campaign started 9/2 to launch the NEW JIB sandwich 
  • They are Geopath audited and each unit delivers @628,000 Weekly 18+ impressions for a total of over 1,890,000 weekly 18+ impressions.
  • These left hand reads are very strong given where the motorist eyes focus to on the way the road curves. This is also a famous traffic choke point in Sacramento as you cross the American River Bridge.
  • I don’t want to announce the rate to everyone, but these are premium priced. We do not discount for this type of execution, as it’s difficult to keep a package of 3 consecutive units available together.
  • This is one of the few places where a high impact opportunity of ‘3 in a row‘ exists in Northern California.
  • The idea of ‘3 in a row‘ is an old idea, made new by the movie 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri. We just love the idea. It shows how powerful OOH is and can be, with great creative executions.
  • Results: so far people that say they don’t like billboards, or never notice them…are noticing this campaign and applauding the fun factor and commenting how great they look.
  • The positive responses are driving hungry consumers to Jack in the Box!
  • I think the agency is conducting an attribution study on the program.

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