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How Brands Are Missing Out on an Important Daypart

The Office

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Captivate, the OOH company with digital displays in elevators and office buildings,  Director of Marketing Communications, Raquel Hudson, wrote an article on day parting and capturing the professional while at work. Hudson provides data on workers and their daily use of company time to perform consumer activities, sharing on car buying, vacation planning, wireless research and banking activities.


Hudson notes, the office is one of the only true focused spaces to conduct meaningful brand research and purchases. In the modern work place, professionals are consumers while at work, where advertisers miss a real underused opportunity.

Read the full article written by Captivate Director of Marketing Communications, Raquel Hudson here⇒ Brands Are Missing Out on an Important Daypart

See a examples below.
Professionals Are Consumers While at Work 
According to a 2017 Office Pulse study, professionals conducting personal activities at the office:
88% go online for personal needs
78% go shopping (online or in-store)
72% run errands

Not the best story for Traditional OOH. For Captivate, it’s the last OOH message they will see before they enter the work place.



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