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How bluemedia Made the Final Four Basketball Games a Reality in Minneapolis

US Bank Stadium for the Final Four

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How bluemedia Solved Their Biggest Challenge Yet

When US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis wanted to host the Final Four basketball tournament, they had a big challenge. They needed to darken the entire ceiling of the stadium in order to meet the NCAA’s lighting requirements for the court. The stadium put out a request for bid that went unanswered for more than two years, because no one could figure out how to do it. Then, bluemedia took the project on. Read the story below. Then watch the 2 minute and 43 second video of death-defying heights and execution by tapping the link at the bottom of the post.

US Bank Stadium Darkening for the Final Four

Like many stadiums in the country, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, home of the Minnesota Vikings, is light and bright due to its clear ceiling and tall windows. When approached to possibly host the 2019 NCAA Final Four tournament, there was one major challenge that the stadium had to solve. They needed to block sunlight coming into the stadium during the tournament. The lighting has to be consistent during the games, with no shadows affecting play. The stadium put out a request for bid that for two years went unanswered. No one had ever successfully accomplished darkening a stadium of this type and size before.

bluemedia took on the project. Their engineers and designers worked to come up with a solution that did the job, and completed it with perfect timing for the 2019 Final Four. Watch the video now to see how they did it!

Watch the video to see how it all happened.




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