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Hirect Launches the Largest Outdoor Ad Campaign in the Bay Area History  

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Founders got 99 Problems, but Hiring Ain’t One

Hirect Pioneers a New Era in Hiring as it Launches the Largest Outdoor Ad Campaign in the Bay Area History  

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –Now, you won’t be able to move around the Bay Area without seeing Hirect. A 500-plus placement out-of-home (OOH) campaign was recently launched, effectively taking over the outdoor ad market from UC Berkeley to Sunnyvale. The campaign, believed to be the largest in Bay Area history, was planned with the assistance of Hirect’s financial partner, Brex, via their Billboard Rewards program.

Billboards, transit shelters, news racks, bus king/tail placements: the campaign includes several first-in-market creatives, such as two specially designed bus products, a custom paint job of Castro District news racks, and a creative execution on US-101 that spans three consecutive billboards.

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For founders, small business owners, and many job seekers, the frustration with current hiring and recruiting methods is all too real and continues to grow. Competition for top talent, the lifeblood of startups, is dominated by the deep pockets and brand recognition of established, well-funded companies. For candidates, the interview process is typically overly drawn-out, rife with obscure communication and confusion, and often results in being ghosted altogether.

Founders and job seekers have enough problems to solve without having to blindly navigate through stressful, outdated hiring and recruiting processes that take weeks and, at times, even months. Now, Hirect has the solution right in our hands.

Hirect, a free, mobile, chat-based hiring app, allows founders/hiring managers and job seekers to instantly connect through in-app direct messaging and video call features – fostering replies and potential interviews in minutes, not days or weeks.

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“Traditionally you had to invest a small fortune or engage an echelon of recruiters to attract and land the best talent – with Hirect that’s no longer the reality,” said Stephanie Lovell, Hirect’s Head of Marketing. “The traditional way of hiring, of passive recruitment, is outdated, stale, and can’t keep pace with market trends in founder or job seeker communities. Hiring managers and candidates can now connect instantly and gauge interest and fit immediately. It’s quicker and far more transparent – we’re pioneering the future of hiring; get ready for the new era.”

“We understand the significant stress founders face to compete for talent to staff and scale appropriately and quickly, among their many other challenges,” added Lovell. “In the startup world, we all dream about being the next unicorn or decacorn, but that first requires unicorn hires. We want this campaign to inform, inspire, and intrigue both entrepreneurs who are overlooked or underserved by traditional hiring solutions and candidates who are eager to quickly get in on the ground floor of a startup that could be the next Brex or Uber. We have the solution for them, and we’re excited to get it out into the market.”

Currently, more than 40,000 businesses in sectors like tech, blockchain, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, education, and even funeral are hiring on Hirect in a range of categories such as IT, engineering, sales, marketing, product management, and human resources.

A fast-growing startup itself, Hirect practices what it preaches. It has filled multiple roles through the app, including social media, content marketing, and human resources, and currently has open positions for influencer marketers, data analysts, UI/UX developers, sales engineers, and others.

About Hirect
Founded in 2019, Hirect has more than 1.5 million app downloads globally, including startup CEOs, founders, hiring managers, and job seekers. A mobile app based on direct messaging and real-time conversations, Hirect employs AI and advanced algorithms to help seamlessly connect companies and candidates. Download Hirect on the App Store or on Google Play.

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