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Here’s a Special Built LED Neon for Street Furniture —Get it on Neon

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oOh!media puts Neon up in lights 


oOh!media has transformed its high-impact Panorama sites across the country for a campaign to mark the merger of Neon and Lightbox under the Neon brand.

Sky’s ‘Get it on Neon’ campaign went live on street furniture assets on August 17 in Christchurch and Wellington, and August 31 in Auckland, with attention-grabbing sites featuring special-built LED neon lights along with colored bench wraps to maximize impact.

In addition to the special builds on the three Panoramas, the campaign includes classic bus shelter panels as well as Evoke and Shopalive assets in retail centers.

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Ben Gibb, oOh!media New Zealand’s Head of Sales, said the company’s panorama sites offered massive impact at scale, and were an ideal choice to engage audiences in unique ways.

“We’re really throwing out a challenge to marketers to use our special build capability to execute the most creative ideas for their campaigns,” he said.

“In the case of ‘Get it on Neon’, it was a collaborative effort with our oOh!Studio team to come up with a striking execution.

“We are literally putting the Neon name up in lights for this campaign, and we know Kiwis are going to take notice.”

Holly Phillips, Marketing Manager at Neon, said that the ability to be creative at scale made the panoramas the perfect placement for the campaign.

“We want every Kiwi to know about the improved Neon offering with this merger, so the ability to create something so attention-grabbing, while retaining 100% share of voice in high profile locations, made it a no-brainer. We couldn’t be happier to see it come to life.”

The campaign will run for two weeks.

About oOh!media
oOh!media is a leading Out of Home media company that is enhancing public spaces through the creation of engaging environments that help advertisers, landlords, leaseholders, community organisations, local councils and governments reach large and diverse public audiences.

The company’s extensive network of more than 37,000 digital and static asset locations includes roadsides, retail centers, airports, train stations, bus stops, office towers, cafes, bars and universities.

oOh! employs around 800 people across Australia and New Zealand, and had revenues of $649 million in 2019. More at oohmedia.com.au





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