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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Cutting-edge. Multilayered. Client-first. These words all seem to be things we look for every day. But at our Agency of the Day Havit Advertising, they’re the center of everything they do. Read on to learn more about why Havit is one of the most unique agencies out there.

The Basics: Havit Advertising was founded in 2005 on one simple creed: that agencies could and should “perform better on behalf of their clients.” Indeed, the Havit team was originally made of people who were “clients first,” and who were tired of knowing always that agencies could be better without anything being done about it. It was with the formation of Havit that they decided: if they couldn’t find the best agency out there, they would make their own.

With locations in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, Havit operates in a perfect proximity to some of the country’s biggest OOH markets. Its small team of under 20 employees lends it a sharp focus that allows it to execute every campaign with a cutting-edge simplicity.

Clients: Clients on Havit’s list include the University of Maryland Global Campus, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the American Chemistry Council, Xfinity Communities, and more. Havit’s client roster emphasizes their value for local brands, but also their strong willingness to branch out and explore places and clients outside of their ‘comfort’ zone.


The ‘Alex’ and ‘Andria’ campaign combines several ideas into one perfect concept.

Campaign Standout: Out of all the work in their portfolio, Havit’s ‘Visit Alexandria’ campaign is one where they seemed to pull out every stop. The central focus of this campaign was a pair of tourists cleverly named ‘Alex’ and ‘Andria.’ This theme was used to both help the name ‘Alexandria’ stick in viewers’ minds, but also to show them the sheer range of available activities in the city itself.

Whether you’re an Alex or an Andria, these print ads showcasing charming cobblestones streets and evening boat rides alike assure audiences that there’s something for everyone. Instead of being intimidated by all this campaign had to embody and accomplish, Havit merged it all into one, perfect idea that was distributed across multiple different websites and print ads. And to no one’s surprise, it worked. Within two years of the campaign’s start, visitor spending in Alexandria soared by a whopping $33 million.

The Bottom Line: Havit Advertising knows what their clients want more than the average agency. And the reason is simple: they’ve been on that side of the desk before. With experience from all sides of a campaign, Havit offers a complex view of a brand that remains relatively rare.

Their client-first mindset is not just a simple mantra. It’s the core of every action this agency takes. They know that their success only comes through their client’s. And as a result, everything they have goes toward making sure their client is forever grateful they chose our Agency of the Day: Havit Advertising.

For more about Havit, visit their website here.

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