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When asking yourself where to invest marketing dollars, the starting point is accurate data. And when it comes to mobile OOH, there are increasingly more sophisticated ways of getting it. Improved technology make it possible to track, measure and analyze data like audiences, exposure, click-through and conversions. All of which lead to a truer picture of your campaign ROI. Movia has been fortunate to work with partners who have been able to turn that understanding into extraordinary results and growth.

In 2022 the team registered some massive wins!

130% Increase in Organic Search CRT

86% Increase in Organic Search CRT & 11% Overall growth

25% Increase in Black Friday Sales

25% Increase in Online Conversions

20% increase in Web Traffic & 10% Overall Growth

10% Incremental Lift in control category results in 8x ROI

6M+ Online Engagements

Movia’s ability to provide the data needed for results like this start with our patented onboard Beacon Technology. It means our OOH campaigns can re-engage audiences using Mobile Device Retargeting. Simply put, it means brands can serve follow-up ads onto the devices of those who have been exposed to the OOH and are in the desired demographic.

It’s this ability to work in tandem – amplifying and even customizing messages at the right time to the right people – that make Movia a key partner when planning out your next marketing and growth strategy.

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