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Graphic Images on OOH

“If England Gets Beaten, so will she”

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Domestic Violence Spikes Around Soccer Games World Cup

These are graphic images of injured people, photographed to resemble specific countries’ flags, displayed on #billboards and posted on social media.  The photos are provoking and memorable. The mission is to start a social conversation. Out of Home delivers.

Titled, ‘The Not-So-Beautiful Game’, the powerful #OOH poster campaign, created by JWT London for the National Centre for Domestic Violence, highlights the link between soccer matches and #domesticviolence.

In England for example, domestic violence increases by 26% when they play and 38% if they lose.  #WorldCup is the premier soccer tournament world-wide.  In some parts of the world, players on losing sides have been beaten and murdered.  Soccer is to many, like American Football is to rabid US fans, only soccer fans typically are figuratively on steroids. It is a sad statistic documenting domestic violence and sports which the US is not immune.

The  OOH campaign features images of national flags on women’s faces with blood. The England poster features blood running from a woman’s nose, forming the St George’s flag across her face.  The copy says, “If England gets beaten, so will she.”  Other executions simulate flags of Japan and Switzerland on women’s faces while a male clearly with trauma, has a Belgium flag.

Croatia Flag
Belgium flag









The final game is played Sunday at 11 AM Eastern Time in Russia with
Croatia versus France.
England and Belgium play for third place Saturday AM.

The poster campaign will run in England, Switzerland and Japan until the end of the World Cup.

The Not-So-Beautiful Game’ campaign for The National Centre for Domestic Violence.





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1 Comment
  1. Bill Board says

    Who is taking this idea as a proposal to the NFL or NBA?
    Domestic violence in the US similarly centered around sports as Euro soccer.
    How about it Big 3 and Adams? Adams being relatively the most aggressive in using spec art.
    The possibilities with the mascots and logos make this simpler in design.
    What about a proposal for this fall? No PSA.
    Its too good not to monetize.
    Who is in?

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