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Legion Digital Outdoor —Getting There

Where Billboards Can't

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Legion Digital Truck

Legion Digital Outdoor —Getting There

Three years ago, when a cop that was harassing mobile digital truck drivers working for Legion Digital Outdoor; the company’s CEO was told, “if you don’t like the law, change it.”  According to that CEO, Jerry Teeter, he did not think law enforcement actually expected him to actually try to do it.  He is doing it. It’s taken 3 years to get a bill before the Transportation Committee with the help of Senator Carol Blood.   There was no opposition. Now, he awaits the vote.

Jerry Teeter is CEO at Legion Digital.  Legion Digital Outdoor is mobile digital display trucks.

Teeter went before the Nebraska Transportation Committee to support LB10, a bill sponsored by Bellevue, Nebraska Senator Carol Blood.  The goal is to update the statute in Nebraska to allow LED signs on vehicles, clarifying and legalizing mobile digital billboards.  Senator Blood told other senators, “A lot of our state statutes haven’t caught up with technology, and this is one really good example.”




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